Elections and Representatives

As much as we need honest elections, we need voters that can recognize con-men and have enough faith in God to reject the lesser of two evils, choosing only to support Statesmen pledged to restore Liberty, State sovereignty, and the U.S. Constitution in letter and spirit.

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Steve Morris of our Parents, Children, and Education research team.

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To Solve any Problem, We Must Study the Problem.

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To Solve the Problem, We Must Take Action.

Our own resources, along with those created by other organizations and people, are available through the links below so that, together, we can pursue Victory for Liberty as it pertains to elections and support for representatives that promote the principles of Liberty, respect the sovereignty of the States, and honor their oath to abide by the United States Constitution in the letter and spirit intended by its authors.

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Boat parade in Mississippi, prior to the November 2020 election.  These people aren’t afraid to show the world where they stand.  Now is the time for everyone who loves Liberty– freedom linked to Christian principles and morals– to do the same.

No-Scam Infrastructure

Democrats insist they can work with Republicans to pass infrastructure bills. Together, they promise to "invest" in the country and improve the lives of the voters, but when it’s time to negotiate, they spend like drunken sailors with...

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