Issues that Matter Most

Liberty, Not Tyranny

More than any political race or candidate, the Cause of Liberty deserves our time, money, and influence because every problem we face at the State, local or federal level can be solved by applying the principles of Liberty instead of conformity and tyranny.  Visit our Liberty, Not Tyranny page for articles and videos you can share.

The Oath of Office

Federal office holders and many local officials have sworn an oath unto God to abide by the letter and spirit of the U.S. Constitution.  This oath of can become a powerful tool to rid government of the scourge of oath breakers and tyrants.  Visit our Oath of Office page for sharable articles and videos as well as voting records and stated positions.

History and Heritage

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Defending the States

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Economic Stability

The pursuit of happiness requires a stable economic environment, which the Keynesian platform, with its federal borrowing, spending, and taxing cannot provide even when honest people dominate Congress and the White House.  During times of tyranny, the Keynesian platform can become a deadly weapon, which should now be plain enough for all to see.

Educational Progress

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Election Integrity

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Energy and Infrastructure

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Healthcare and Freedom

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State Sovereignty

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A Good Fight

Listen online or on the air from 2-4:00 p.m. CT to Jameson Haygood.  Click for details.

Kim Wade Show

Listen online or on the air from 4-6:00 p.m. CT to Kim Wade, the Radio Strongman. Click for details.